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Kogan Agora 4G

There are better 4G phones to be found, but none of them come close to the low price tag on the Kogan Agora 4G.

By 12 August 2014

3.5 stars Editors' rating 12 August 2014

Typical price: $229.00


Kogan Agora HD

There are some limitations, but overall, this is a quad-core Android smartphone that represents impressive value for money.

By 21 November 2013

3.5 stars Editors' rating 21 November 2013

Typical price: $179.00


Kogan Agora ICS tablet

The Agora ICS tablet is great value for money, so long as you are prepared to sacrifice performance and battery life for an astonishingly low ticket price.

By 25 June 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating 25 June 2012

Typical price: $179.00


Kogan Agora Smart TV Dongle

If you're familiar with Android, you'll feel at home with an Agora Dongle in your living room. Just be sure you don't want an Apple TV first.

By 15 August 2012

3 stars Editors' rating 15 August 2012

Typical price: $99.00


Kogan Agora 7-inch tablet

The Agora is cheap for an Android tablet, but its not good value for money. For all of the features on offer, we can't overlook the significant sacrifices in core elements of the tablet computing experience.

By 8 June 2011

2 stars Editors' rating 8 June 2011

Typical price: $189.00


Kogan Agora Pro

The Agora brings the concept of a low-cost netbook firmly back on the agenda, but its woeful wireless performance seriously detracts from its value proposition.

By 4 May 2009

3 stars Editors' rating 4 May 2009

Typical price: $539.00


Australia sets world record for solar cell efficiency

Researchers at the University of NSW have created a device that increases the amount of energy that can be harvested from sunlight.

By 18 May 2016


Kogan Agora 4G Gallery

Kogan's budget Agora phone gets a 4G upgrade, offering a solid experience for a very low price.

7 Images By 12 August 2014


Kogan Agora is a £120 Android phone with two SIM cards

The Kogan Agora is a new Android phone that costs just £120, with two SIM card slots to save you money when travelling.

By 10 January 2013


Kogan Agora ICS Tablet

25 June 2012