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What if the iPhone 7 merged with the Apple Watch?

Will we all soon bow before the digital crown? This wacky iPhone 7 concept sure thinks so.

By 22 April 2015


Polaroid Socialmatic retro insta-print camera slated for reality

Polaroid announces it will turn the Socialmatic concept camera into a real product in 2014, so your social-media images can also be instant prints in the real world.

By 7 January 2014


iWatch name registered by Apple in two more countries

Apple has registered the iWatch trademark in two more countries, speeding up the countdown towards the time of the smart watch.

By 3 July 2013


Apple makes bid for 'iWatch' name in Japan trademark grab

The fruit-flavoured tech giant has applied for the name in Japan, fuelling speculation that it's plotting a watch gadget.

By 1 July 2013


How smartphones are slowly killing the camera industry

The art of photography may be booming as a hobby, but the humble camera is getting left behind in the fast-paced world of interconnected imaging.

By 26 October 2012


Socialmatic camera for Instagram fans runs Android

While it's rare for concept devices to leave the drawing board, the Socialmatic camera looks like it will turn into reality.

By 6 September 2012


Instagram-inspired 'Socialmatic' camera spits out ink-jet prints

Poloroid camera inspires Instagram icon inspires "Socialmatic" camera that lets users share digital photos and print out real-world versions. Only a concept, but neat all the same.

By 10 May 2012


Why Apple will do a real iWatch

The technology is here or almost here to evolve the iPod Nano into a watch. It makes sense that Apple will do so.

By 17 September 2010