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​Free Wi-Fi network officially launched in Adelaide

A network of almost 300 Wi-Fi access points is keeping Adelaide residents connected for free across the centre of the city.

By 27 June 2014


Optus 4G hits Adelaide

Adelaide got an early Christmas present last year, with Optus turning on 4G on 20 December.

By 3 January 2013


Vodafone switches on its 4G network

The telco is now offering 4G in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle and Wollongong.

By 12 June 2013


V8 Supercars: in the pits with Nissan Motorsport

Newcomer Nissan Motorsport had its V8 Supercars trial by fire at the season opener in Adelaide. CNET Australia was in the pits to see the new team start its journey in the local championship.

By 8 March 2013


Footy tech: how video is being used for coaching

Love or hate the video ref, it's not the only way video and other new technologies are being used in football. Here's a look at how the AFL's Adelaide Crows are using tech behind the scenes to improve on-ground performance.

By 10 February 2011


NV Mobile launches watch phones in Australia--meh

Adelaide-based NV Mobile is out with its own range of watch phones, but we think we'll hold out for the LG Watch Phone instead.

By 4 February 2009


Mitsubishi to stop Australian car production

Mitsubishi Motors Australia has announced that it will be shuttering its Adelaide factory at the end of March. The company will, however, continue to import cars.

By 5 February 2008


Aussie Tesla breaks electric car distance world record

A Tesla Roadster run in this year's Global Green Challenge between Darwin and Adelaide has smashed the record for the longest distance travelled by an electric car on a full charge, but it had to be driven at an excruciatingly slow pace.

By 28 October 2009


Telstra expands its 4G services, including the 700MHz-band trials

The telco says it will expand its 4G coverage to reach 90 percent of Australia by the end of January 2015.

By 11 September 2014


Community TV to be pushed online in spectrum reallocation

Malcolm Turnbull says community TV will soon go online as broadcast spectrum is reallocated for MPEG-4 broadcast testing and, ultimately, for sale.

By 11 September 2014