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Acer Aspire 7600U

Subpar computing components and a dominant high-end all-in-one from Dell hurt Acer's high-end, visually compelling Aspire 7600U.

By 8 November 2012

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First look: Acer Aspire 7600U and 5600U all-in-one touch screens

At Computex, Acer shows off Windows 8 and the Metro UI in new 27-inch and 23-inch all-in-one desktops.

By 5 June 2012


First look: Acer Aspire 7600U and 5600U all-in-one touchscreens

Acer has announced its Windows 8 portfolio in Taipei, with the 27-inch Aspire 7600U being the vanguard of its all-in-one offerings.

4 Images By 4 June 2012


Windows 8 PCs rated and reviewed

The first wave of Windows 8 desktops, laptops, tablets, and hybrids has been benchmarked and tested. Find out what we loved and hated.

By 26 October 2012


Windows 8 touch-enabled peripherals: The spread

A collection of new and existing accessories that complement Windows 8 touch-centricity.

By 26 October 2012


Hybrids vs. convertibles: CNET's field guide to Windows 8 hardware

Does the weird world of Windows 8 confuse you? Come along for a rough guide to the various types of devices you're likely to see.

By 16 October 2012


Reading the Windows 8 tea leaves

Tablets with keyboard docks, cutting-edge ultrabooks, and one unusual dual-screen device from Asus are among the first publicly displayed Windows 8 machines. What do they mean for Microsoft's upcoming OS?

By 7 June 2012


Dual-screen Taichi leads lineup of unique Asus Windows 8 PCs

Asus takes advantage of Microsoft's flexible new OS with a dual-screen laptop, laptops and tablets with removable keyboards, and even a desktop with a removable screen.

By 5 June 2012