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Facebook reveals government requests to access users accounts

Social network's latest report on government requests shows a big leap in filings around the globe, and the US is in the lead.

By 30 April 2016


Hundreds of Spotify account credentials reportedly posted online

A list with hundreds of usernames, passwords and emails was posted online in a possible breach of the music-streaming service, reports TechCrunch.

By 26 April 2016


Registration for new 'Nintendo account' system opens in Japan

Gamers in Japan can now register for the cross-platform service.

By 2 December 2015


Nest's new Family Accounts feature makes your thermostat even smarter

Gone are the days of sharing your Nest log-in credentials.

By 11 March 2016


Facebook flaw offered easy way to crack into accounts

An Indian computer researcher nabs $15,000 from Facebook's bug bounty program after alerting the social network to a simple, but serious, security hole.

By 9 March 2016


Make sure your online accounts get deleted when you die

How to really protect your digital legacy.

By 3 March 2016


How to memorialize someone's Facebook account

Take the reins of your loved one's memorial page.

By 3 March 2016


How to set up and use multiple accounts on Amazon Echo

You may not have known that you can set up multiple accounts with the Amazon Echo smart speaker. Learn how you can share digital content and collaborate on household shopping lists.

By 22 February 2016


Get Gmail features for Yahoo and Outlook accounts on Android

​Want the spam protection and the powerful search powers of Gmail for your other email accounts? Here's how to get it.

By 19 February 2016


How to check if your family, friends are sharing your Netflix account

It takes some level of trust to share your Netflix log-in with someone.

By 17 February 2016