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Radiant Player, a Google Music player for your Mac

With a new name and features, this standalone app is a must for Mac-owning Google Music users.

By 16 May 2014


Ep. 838: Where we're never going back to LA

The 404 welcomes Jeff back from covering E3 in Los Angeles to which he explains why he's never going back.

By 14 June 2011


The 404 838: Where we're never going back to LA (podcast)

The 404 welcomes Jeff back from covering E3 in Los Angeles, and he explains why he's never going back there.

By 14 June 2011


Researchers still stuck on electronic tattoo

Elastic electronics can be used for a range of bio-electronic devices to improve medical monitoring attached to the skin or implanted on brain, heart, or muscles to provide treatment.

By 31 January 2012


Apple, Samsung top J.D. Power satisfaction survey

Apple and Samsung topped user satisfaction rankings in smartphones and feature phones, respectively, according to J.D. Power.

By 9 September 2011


Adobe's good week (Apple Talk Weekly)

In this week's column, CNET's Josh Lowensohn talks about Adobe's recent successes on two of Apple's platforms. He also looks at this week's big news and rumors, and answers your questions.

By 10 September 2011


Tattoo-like patch may be future of health monitoring

Scientists at the University of Illinois engineer a device that manages to squeeze sensing, medical diagnostics, and communications technology on an ultra-thin patch that mounts directly on the skin.

By 12 August 2011


Kodak wins key battle in Apple patent case

A judge with the International Trade Commission rules that Kodak's technology does not violate Apple's patents relating to digital photography.

By 14 May 2011


ITC to review Kodak's claim against Apple, RIM

The U.S. International Trade Commission says it'll review Kodak's patent infringement claim against Apple and RIM, which alleges that they're illegally using its image preview technology.

By 26 March 2011


Buzz Out Loud 838: Hot troll-on-troll action

On today's show, it appears that the person who caused Apple's stock to drop like a stone on reports of a Steve Jobs heart attack was just "doing it for the lulz."

By 25 October 2008