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Samsung Galaxy S4 update will let you install apps to SD card

A new update for the Galaxy S4 that reportedly begins rolling out today will let users install apps to their microSD card.

By 6 June 2013


How to create an OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion install drive

OS X 10.8 is only available online, but you can create your own standalone install drive for it if needed.

By 26 July 2012


Get a 50-pack of double-layer DVDs for $26.99

Want to back up your movie library? With yesterday's free DVD copier and this dirt-cheap spindle, you can get the job done for about 50 cents apiece.

By 29 January 2011


DVD ripping goes legit with RealDVD

Real's RealDVD software lets you rip DVDs to your PC hard drive--legally--and watch them on up to 4 other PCs.

By 8 September 2008


What discs should I buy for my DVD recorder? Ask the Editors

CNET answers a reader's question about what discs she should use for her DVD recorder.

By 31 July 2008


Rumors persist on Blu-ray drive for XBox 360

The Financial Times is reporting that Sony and Microsoft are discussing the possibility of a built-in Blu-ray drive for a premium version of the XBox 360.

By 7 March 2008


Blu-ray vs HD DVD: which video format is for you?

Is Blu-ray bang for your buck? Is HD DVD hot to trot? Which next-generation video format should you choose and why?

By 24 September 2007


rock Xtreme SL Pro: 20 inches in your lap

If you're working with less than 20 inches you need something bigger in your lap. Start by checking out the enormous Xtreme SL Pro

By 22 November 2006


Sony RDR-HXD860: Now with Freeview

Crave basks in righteousness as Sony announces the RDR-HXD860, a hard drive/DVD recorder that addresses our two main gripes about the previous model

By 31 July 2006


How can I upgrade my laptop?

How can I upgrade my laptop? It's running like a dog and I've tried everything to speed it up. I'm at the end of my tether

By 3 June 2006