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Motorola readying 6.3-inch Xplay and Droid Quantum?

According to one report, Motorola could take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a massive 6.3-inch experience of its own. Also, a Droid Ultra successor is reportedly already in the works.

By 10 October 2013


Samsung prepping 5.8-inch, 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega, rumors say

New chatter suggests that Samsung could soon introduce a pair of large-screen smartphones as part of the Galaxy Mega line.

By 9 April 2013


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could be 6.3-inch eight-core monster

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could pack Samsung's eight-core chip and a giant 6.3-inch screen.

By 17 January 2013


Galaxy Note 3 with 6.3-inch display reportedly in the works

Just when you thought smartphone displays couldn't get bigger, Samsung may be ready to push the outside of the envelope even further.

By 14 December 2012


Philips flubs pricing on new 63-inch 1080p plasma TV

In its CES press release, Philips mistakeny said its new 63-inch 1080p plasma would cost $3,500, but it will really cost $5,500.

By 17 January 2007


Philips aggressively prices upcoming 1080p 63-inch plasma TV

Philips announces at CES that it has a relatively cheap 63-inch plasma TV coming in June.

By 8 January 2007


Huge Samsung plasma flashes red, not so black blacks

Samsung's PN63A760, a 63-inch plasma TV, couldn't quite measure up to the performance of other large-screen flat panels in our tests.

By 1 November 2008


Philips 63PFP7422D

At CES 2007, we look at the Philips 63PFP7422D, a bright, beautiful, 63-inch plasma HDTV that comes with a settings assistant that will calibrate the screen to your liking. Available in June 2007.

23 May 2008


Turn the backyard into a theater

From a 63-inch LCD to a five-burner grill

By 20 February 2007