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Nokia 6110 Navigator

A good 3G slide phone with an excellent screen and sound quality. It feels a little cheap in places, though, and its GPS navigation is highly compromised.

By 24 July 2007

4 stars Editors' rating 24 July 2007

Typical price: $759.00


Call and navigate home with the Nokia 6110 Navigator

Nokia announces Nokia 6110 Navigator smart phone and GPS device.

By 13 February 2007


Nokia 6110 Navigator: Phone and sat-nav

If you're the type of person who has trouble finding your way out of your own garage, take a look at Nokia's 6110 Navigator -- a phone with built-in sat-nav

By 13 February 2007


Get a Nokia with your Renault

Renault has announced a special edition of its Twingo small car, the Twingo Nokia, complete with complementary 6110 Navigator and naff decals.

By 5 October 2007


Watch out for data charges on your GPS phone

Thanks to the an almost undocumented feature on the Nokia 6110 Navigator, we unwittingly racked up over AU$50 in data charges the first month we used it. Read on to find out how to avoid our fate.

By 27 August 2007