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Nokia 6110 Navigator

A good 3G slide phone with an excellent screen and sound quality. It feels a little cheap in places, though, and its GPS navigation is highly compromised.

By 24 July 2007

4 stars Editors' rating 24 July 2007

Typical price: $759.00


Call and navigate home with the Nokia 6110 Navigator

Nokia announces Nokia 6110 Navigator smart phone and GPS device.

By 13 February 2007


Nokia 6110 Navigator: Phone and sat-nav

If you're the type of person who has trouble finding your way out of your own garage, take a look at Nokia's 6110 Navigator -- a phone with built-in sat-nav

By 13 February 2007


Navigation apps may be free, but portable GPS units still rule

Many smartphones offer free sat nav applications, but we're still buying dedicated nav devices by the container load. We take a look into the issues around their use, and compare free and paid apps against against GPS units.

By 17 August 2012


2008, the year of on-foot GPS navigation?

Two upcoming products, the Nokia 6210 Navigator and Navteq's Discover Cities, have got us wondering whether 2008 will be the year when on-foot satellite navigation finally comes of age.

By 14 March 2008


Nokia 6210 Navigator does the walking and talking

The Nokia 6210 Navigator cell phone debuts at GSMA (3GSM) 2008 with built-in GPS and pedestrian guidance.

By 11 February 2008


Nokia 6210 Navigator: GPS even without a SIM

Nokia has just announced the launch of the 6210 Navigator -- a GPS-enabled phone that lets you use the navigational capabilities without even having a SIM card in place

By 11 February 2008


Nokia announce N96, N78, 6210 Navigator and 6220 Classic

With all eyes on Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, Nokia took the opportunity to announce the first of its big handset releases of the year.

By 13 February 2008


The next big things in wireless

The Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona is the place to be to see what's coming soon to a cell phone near you.

By 10 February 2008


Vodafone Compass leads the way to cheap petrol

Vodafone's latest version of its Compass GPS system allows users to find cheap petrol nearby. Will this be the feature that moves GPS in mobile phones beyond the novelty phase?

By 4 December 2007