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How the Internet of Things knows where gunfire happens

SST's ShotSpotter pinpoints outdoor, urban gunshots for law enforcement agencies. Now it's moving indoors with a service for schools.

By 27 July 2014


Microsoft offers pre-RC1 release of Windows Vista

Microsoft offers pre-RC1 release of Windows Vista

By 30 August 2006


How Google and Nest could get the smart home all wrong

Now that Google has a key to our home, it's poised to take smart appliances to new heights. But -- well, good luck maneuvering the messy and disjointed Internet of things.

By 15 January 2014



As a budget laptop, the MSI CX620 does a reasonable job. The inclusion of Windows 7 32-bit and the inferior ATI graphics switching are annoyances, but then for AU$1099, we can almost forgive the shortcomings.

25 November 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating 25 November 2010

Typical price: $1,099.00