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The 404 1,508: Where the Amazon Fire phone puts a shopping mall in your head

Today's 404 episode is all about the new Amazon Fire, a smartphone with shopping-centric features that can scan and recognize 100 million objects using four cameras - even in the dark.

By 19 June 2014


The worst bosses aren't like Darth Vader anymore

Buried in a survey about work software is the revelation that the boss who makes workers life a misery is more like Mr. Burns from 'The Simpsons.'

By 20 August 2014


Asian mobile insiders say LG's G3 will give Samsung a run for its money

Insiders from smart cities in Asia tell CNET they see a serious challenger to Samsung in LG's new flagship.

By 30 May 2014


Telstra Skinet trials Wi-Fi for the Sky-Fi

​Frequent flyers may soon have access to Wi-Fi in the sky with news that Telstra is working on bringing 4G internet connectivity to aircraft travelling from Melbourne to Sydney.

By 12 May 2014


Colbert to succeed Letterman; Internet rejoices

Twitter is alive with reactions to the (now official) news that Stephen Colbert will be the next "Late Show" host on CBS. Crave's Eric Mack seeks to capture the gestalt.

By 11 April 2014


A good BrewNanny is easy to find

The BrewNanny Home Brew Monitor is a Kickstarter project that communicates data via Wi-Fi. Real-time results make it easy for brewers to track progress.

By 3 April 2014


Name your activity with updated Moves for iOS

The latest version of Moves lets you track more activities than just walking, running, and cycling.

By 8 February 2014


Facebook finishes over $40 for its best close yet

The social network's stock finishes at an all-time high on anticipation of even greater revenue from a growing mobile audience.

By 24 August 2013


The 404 throwback: Episode 508, January 29, 2010

Here's another throwback episode of The 404 Podcast during which we meet the future of publishing: Cliff Chiang and Jerry Ma, two graphic illustrators in the comics industry who join us today to chat about their collaborative project, "Secret Identities," an anthology of comics about Asian American superheroes.

By 29 December 2011

Editors' Take

Peugeot 508 Active (2011)

Ditching awkward for stylish, the 508 is easy on the eye and features plenty of tech, including an optional integrated sat nav system.

21 July 2011

Typical price: $36,990.00