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The Synology RT1900AC is a router that thinks it's a storage server

When CNET editor Dong Ngo says he likes the new Synology RT1900AC router, he means it.

By 6 April 2016


D-Link DIR-879 AC1900 Wi-Fi Router

Though not perfect, the DIR-879 is a well-performing router that fits most homes' needs and budget.

By 3 June 2016

3.5 stars Editors' rating 3 June 2016

Synology RT1900ac

The RT1900ac is an excellent router by itself and a stellar one for those wanting to try out the world of network storage.

By 7 April 2016

4 stars Editors' rating 7 April 2016

The WRT1900ACS is Linksys' best Wi-Fi router to date

Dong Ngo compares the new WRT1900ACS Wi-Fi router from Linksys with previous champion, the WRT1900AC.

By 8 October 2015


Synology brings its NAS know-how to the router with the RT1900ac

Synology's first home router gives you incredible control over your network thanks to its detailed yet user-friendly interface.

By 4 June 2015


Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

Though pricey, the WRT1900ACS' long range and rapid Wi-Fi will deliver fast Internet to places in your home that other routers might struggle to reach.

By 8 October 2015

4 stars Editors' rating 8 October 2015

IBM's Watson swallows 1,900 TED talks, can now bore you to death

Technically Incorrect: You have truly deep questions. Watson has the answers. He's like Yoda without the knowing smile.

By 27 May 2015


Pokemon Go dev hopes game can make the world a better place

"We wanted to build a game that would inspire people to go outside, get exercise, discover new places and have fun with their friends."

By 23 July 2016


Nintendo now worth more than Sony following Pokemon Go craze

Mario company's market value surpasses Sony's.

By 21 July 2016


Pokemon Go: A brief history of the games that led to the craze

Before there was Go, there were Blue, Red, Yellow, Snap, Stadium and more.

By 14 July 2016