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Healbe GoBe 1.2

The next model of the wearable fitness tracker makes the same extraordinary claims about calorie tracking as the original, but now with a brand new design.

By 5 January 2016

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Yahoo making 'great progress' on sale. But to what end?

The same day CEO Marissa Mayer announces unremarkable earnings, the next -- and possibly final -- round of bids reportedly comes in. That means the end of Yahoo, as we know it.

By 19 July 2016


You can sign up for Cricket Wireless in Sam's Club stores

Cricket Wireless services will be available at more than 400 Sam's Club locations.

By 12 July 2016


Cook dinner (and dessert) in a dishwasher

Before cleaning those dirty dishes, wrap up everything from chicken to apple pie and cook it in the dishwasher. The Threadbanger YouTube channel shows you how.

By 2 July 2016


A rare helium mother lode has been found in Tanzania

A massive supply could mean more gas for science, tech and hopefully not birthday parties

By 28 June 2016


Cell phones and cancer: 9 things you should know right now

The debate over whether cell phone use is hazardous to your health isn't over, and it may never be.

By 7 June 2016


Sweden opens 1.2 mile long electric highway for trucks

The highway will charge electric trucks using overhead wires and is finally open for trials.

By 24 June 2016


Hydraulic Press Channel crushes its own YouTube award

YouTube's Silver Play Button award faces the punishing strength of a hydraulic press and shows the world just how tough it is.

By 23 June 2016


'Skyslide' off the side of the tallest skyscraper in the West

You can try the slide perched on the outside of the 70th floor of a skyscraper for a mere $33.

By 24 June 2016


Samsung pledges $1.2 billion for Internet of Things research in US

In addition to research, the company hopes to help guide national policy.

By 22 June 2016