Turbo Charge Tc2 portable cell phone charger review: Turbo Charge Tc2 portable cell phone charger

Fortunately, the Turbo Charge runs on regular AA batteries, so you won't have to go fishing around for lithium batteries as you would with the Energi To Go. When starting with a fresh set of batteries, the Turbo Charger will deliver anywhere from two to five hours of power (according to Voxred, the Motorola Razr V3 seems to fare the best). The exact time will vary by phone model, so you'll have to gauge that for yourself. The short charging time is intentional; Voxred says the Turbo Charge is designed not to overload your phone's battery so it cuts off automatically. That's fine with us, as after a couple of hours you should be back near an outlet anyway.

We tested the TurboCharge with the Motorola i335. We started with a completely dead phone, but the charging process started immediately after we connected our handset. During the charging cycle, the Turbo Charge's battery indicators stay lit, and will then turn off when the process is completed. In our tests, it took about an hour for the i335 to receive its maximum charge, which, from what we could tell by the phone's battery meter, was about 75 percent of its full battery life. We then got two hours and 15 minutes of talk time out of the i335. Voxred promises that each set of AA batteries will deliver as many as three complete charge cycles. You can continue to use the phone while it's charging, but it's a bit inconvenient to so with the Turbo Charge dangling from the phone.

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