TomTom iPod Touch car kit review: TomTom iPod Touch car kit

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The Good Compact and adjustable. Combines music jukebox and navigation.

The Bad App not included in price. Not great value. A few random technical gremlins. Fiddly volume switch.

The Bottom Line Given the price of this kit and the additional cost of the app turning your iPod Touch into a GPS navigator only makes sense if your car's got an auxiliary jack, allowing your Touch to function as both a jukebox and navigator.

6.7 Overall


This car kit's EasyPort windscreen mount is basically the same design found on TomTom's One , XL and XXL ranges. It rotates around the rear speaker with a suction cup that's activated via a ring dial. Storing it is a cinch, as it folds up compactly.

However, there is one important difference — and it's shared with the TomTom Start — it's not detachable, so adjusting the viewing position doesn't require an elaborate two-handed ballet with frequent invocations to heavenly powers and sudden loud references to human excrement.

If you happen to own both an iPod Touch and an iPhone , be aware that this cradle is designed specifically to fit iPod Touches; attempting to fit it to an iPhone will only be met with plastic-snapping belligerence.


While the iPod Touch kit misses out on Bluetooth hands-free — there's no phone connectivity after all — it has all the other features present in the more expensive iPhone car kit . So, it charges an iPod Touch via your car's cigarette lighter port and has a 3.5mm line-out jack for car stereo's equipped with an auxiliary port.

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