t-Jays One earphones review: t-Jays One earphones

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t-Jays One earphones

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4.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Excellent audio quality. Split cable allows for different lengths. Great external audio blocking. Comfortable with the right sleeves in place.

The Bad Tangles easily. Case is quite large.

The Bottom Line The t-Jays One's audio output is crisp, clear and above all loud. If you can deal with a few minor tangles, they're well worth buying.

8.8 Overall

Design and features

The t-Jays One headset uses a standard thin round headphone cable, albeit one with a split. The main cable is only 60cm long, but an extension cable that ships with the headphones adds another 70cm of cable. Depending on your needs, that could give you 130cm of comfortable cable length — or 130cm of tangles to unwind.

As with other entries in the Jays line, the t-Jays One ships with a large plastic case to house both headphones and silicone sleeves. It's good for home storage, but we'd strongly argue that it's too large to realistically be carried around for terribly long.

The buds of the t-Jays One sit in front of solid plastic wedges that sit in the rear of your ear. Five sets of silicone sleeves are provided at differing sizes for a more comfortable fit and better acoustic performance.

The t-Jays One sports 10mm Dynamic Speakers with a claimed frequency range of 18-20,000Hz. Like the a-Jays range, it's also possible to spend a little more for a better experience, with the more expensive Two and Three models offering better audio quality as well as flight adapters and stereo splitters.

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