Sony Ericsson TXT review: Sony Ericsson Txt

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CNET Editors' Rating

2.5 stars OK
Pricing Unavailable

The Good Usable hardware keyboard if you have small fingers. Pre-installed Facebook app. Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Bad No 3G. Terrible camera. Proprietary closed operating system.

The Bottom Line If texting is the main activity on your mobile phone, then the Sony Ericsson Txt is worth looking at, thanks to its hardware keyboard. Otherwise, there are loads of better alternatives.

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When we first saw the Sony Ericsson Txt — yes, this phone was launched before Sony Ericsson turned into Sony Mobile — we thought it looked pretty cool, with its playful blue colouring and small hardware keyboard. Our overall expectations for the Txt weren't high, considering it's marketed as being primarily for — you guessed it — texting.

The Txt has a cheap-ish feel to it, due to the plastic construction. It's lightweight, and we found it quite nice to hold in the hand. The back cover can be a real pain to get off; at one point, the battery came flying out as we struggled to get the back open.

Although there's no touchscreen on the display, the Txt's hardware buttons make it easy to move around the simplistic UI. There are call and end-call buttons, two menu/select buttons and a four-way navigation button below the 2.55-inch QVGA display.

During our use of the Txt's keyboard, we found the keys (four rows, 10 columns) to be too small for large fingers, so it's clearly meant for the younger audience.

User experience

The Txt doesn't run an OS like Android, which has a heap of apps that you can install, so we found that you're limited to the apps that are pre-installed on the device: Opera, Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, Picasa, Orkut, Gmail, YouTube and Yahoo mail.

Web browsing is edging towards completely useless. There aren't enough pixels in the display to render a site, so if there's no mobile version of your desired website, then you're going to be pretty upset.

What we did find is that if you're after a cheap device to simply text people on, this is a great device for you. But then again, when there are other options out there for a tad more cash, they'll be the better option.

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