Soniq 40-inch Smart TV review: Soniq 40-inch Smart TV

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3 stars Good
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The Good Decent panel. Great price. Great remote.

The Bad Poor design. Confusing interface.

The Bottom Line The price might well be right, but there are better TVs to be had for only a little bit extra.

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When we previewed the Soniq 40-inch Smart TV, we said that on paper the TV ticked a lot of the right boxes. Sadly, it turned out that in practice, some of these ticks were a little outside the margins, resulting in a fairly flawed product.

Let's look at the good stuff: for under AU$470, you're getting a pretty decent panel. It's not the sharpest we've seen, but for the price it's better than you might expect. Blu-ray playback was highly watchable, with fairly good blacks and crisp action scenes.

Playback from USB source was fairly simple, and the quality was decent (large AVI file), but not the cleanest we've seen. The remote, however, gets some bonus points for having a full QWERTY keyboard on the rear, without being oversized or particularly heavy. All good so far.

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