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The Good A good selection from a great era. Live performances in lieu of music videos.

The Bad No new gameplay elements. Maximum of two mics at once. A real test of singing ability.

The Bottom Line Despite the lack of gameplay innovation, SingStar Motown is a worthy tribute to a great era in modern music. It might even have you dancing in the streets.

CNET Editors' Choice Nov '09

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SingStar Motown, like most of the SingStar franchise before it, doesn't change nor tinker with the gameplay. So, it's still essentially a way of moving the karaoke bar into one's own lounge room, with singers scored on pitch and timing. A number of difficulty settings are available, so that even the most tone deaf amongst us, such as your humble reviewer, won't feel like a complete chump. This is doubly important given the difficulty of many of the songs included.

With two microphones connected — both wired and wireless SingStar mics work fine — two singers can sing duets with alternating verses, or battle it out line for line, word for word. Some songs also offer players the option of being either the lead or a backing singer. Bigger parties are catered for with multiplayer modes, like pass the mic, but it would be nice if some day the game supported more than two mics.

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