Sennheiser PC320 review: Sennheiser PC320

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3.5 stars Very good
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The Good Very light and comfortable. Accurate reproduction of source.

The Bad A rather dull listening experience. Lack of features. Build quality.

The Bottom Line These PC-only headphones get straight to the point with a minimum of fluff, delivering a solid sound experience that lacks any excitement.

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After delivering quality audio experiences for over 60 years, Sennheiser is arguably the biggest headphone brand in the world. Its range is known for delivering extremely high audio quality with extremely high price tags, and is very popular amongst professional musicians and producers. The PC320 headphones are very different, though, at a fraction of the cost of most of Sennheiser's range. Sadly, it seems as though the company hasn't put as much love into the development of these headphones as it does into its premium products.

Designed for PC users, the PC320s connect via the usual 3.5mm stereo mini jacks, and there's no pre-amp or DSP included. Console users will still be able to use them, provided they've got the necessary amplifier. Unlike every other headset in the round up, Sennheiser has gone for an open-back design. These allow sound to escape from the rear of the cup, which stops the sound waves from reflecting and bouncing inside the cup, delivering a more open soundstage. They're not so good for those who want to game in bed next to their sleeping partner, as the open design lets sound escape. This design also allows more outside sound to be heard by the wearer.

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