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2 stars Mediocre
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The Good Super-thin design. 3.2 megapixel camera. Good battery life.

The Bad Touchpad is way too twitchy. No user-replaceable battery. GSM only.

The Bottom Line The U300 may only be a GSM phone with some rather severe limitations – but it's dead sexy. Is that enough?

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Samsung's SGH-U300 (or the "Ultra Edition 9.6", depending on which side of the product box you happen to be reading) is a slim and very attractive looking clamshell phone. At only 100 x 51 x 9.6 mm, it's actually dangerously thin. We could see the U300 being banned from prisons, for a start; a little bit of work with a nail file and this thin phone could become a rather effective shiv.

The outside of the U300 houses a simple blue OLED display; flip it open and there's a much more appealing 2.2" QVGA TFT display that sits above the keypad, which at first glance appears to be touch sensitive. It's not -- a quick bit of testing with a stylus shows that it's just a very flat pressure sensitive panel with virtually zero travel. The left hand side of the U300 houses a very slim volume control as well as the combined headphone and USB socket. Like most Samsung phones, this is a proprietary jack that leads out to a standard USB plug.

The U300 is a Tri-Band GSM phone with EDGE capabilities -- so no 3G, no HSDPA, and essentially, no functional web browsing. Yes, the ability is there -- but does anyone want to crawl around the web at GSM speeds any more?

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