Samsung B3410 review:

Samsung B3410

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3 stars

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The Good Great QWERTY keyboard. Responsive touchscreen. Loud, clear calls. Solid battery life.

The Bad 2G networks only. No 3.5mm headphone socket. Basic camera.

The Bottom Line The B3410 is best at basics, it gives the user a great messaging experience, with a well-spaced keyboard and solid call quality. However, if you're looking for more, then you'll need to look further afield.

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6.9 Overall

This may sound obvious, but texting teens love QWERTY keyboards as much as business users with BlackBerrys. The Hiptop Slide was a huge hit for Telstra, the LG WebSlider was big at Boost Mobile, and the Samsung B3410 should find a niche for these tiny-thumbed texting machines.


From front-on the B3410 shares the same basic design as most Samsung phones in the last 18 months or so. The exposed earpiece speaker above the screen and the three mechanical keys below the screen look identical to those on the Samsung Galaxy Icon amongst many others. The B3410, however, is much thicker than most Samsung touchscreens, owing to the fact that the screen slides vertically to reveal the pièce de résistance, the full QWERTY keyboard.

To define a good keyboard is to identify a few key elements. Firstly, you want decent spacing and definition between the keys, and the B3410 has this. The keys are each quite wide and raised to a gentle hump, helping you to find one key next to another. You also look for a keyboard with a good physical response, we often call this "clickiness" because you want the keys to click when pushed and spring back. It's subtle, but the effect is to have the key push your fingers on to the next key, helping you to type quicker. Again, the B3410 passes this simple test, and overall we found the typing experience to be quite good.

The phone also features touchscreen input, though this isn't quite so good. Whether it's an issue with the screen or with the software, we found it difficult to accurately press buttons on-screen without slowing our movements right down. Luckily, Samsung has included a four-way direction pad on the keyboard which we deferred to for most menu and website navigation.

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