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Typical Price: $99.00

Sagem my411x

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1.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Great design. Strong battery life. Cheap as chips.

The Bad Dismal reception. Feature poor handset. Dull, low-res display prone to glare.

The Bottom Line Sagem's my411x is a great handset until you start to use it. For AU$99 you may not expect fancy bells and whistles, but you should expect good call quality, and the my411x doesn't deliver.

3.0 Overall

The French, by reputation, are no strangers to beauty. They speak a beautiful language, eat beautiful food and enjoy the company of beautiful French women (Audrey Tautou, anyone?). It comes as no surprise then that French OEM Sagem have produced a beautiful looking mobile phone in the my411x.

Made from a stiff, white plastic, the my411x looks similar to the 3 Skypephone we saw recently. However, unlike the flimsy 3 phone, the my411x feels far more sturdy. For interest, Sagem have added an attractive metallic-aqua coloured strip around the phone's edge which is disturbed only by the charging port at the bottom and three media control keys on the left side.

The keypad is tight-packed but easy to use, and again looks quite nice. On the back of the phone is the lens for the 0.3-megapixel camera. Overall the handset has a pleasing simplicity.

Out of respect for us hard working mobile phone reviewers, Sagem has given us the day off by including very few features to list. There's the aforementioned camera, an MP3 and AAC music player plus a few basic personal organiser type applications and games. For browsing and content downloads the my411x features GPRS data speeds and a WAP browser, and the internal memory can be expanded by adding a Micro SD card.

We know better than to judge a book by its cover. We quickly overlooked the my411x's lightweight features list when we opened the box to discover the cute, well-designed handset. We just as quickly looked past its attractive shape when the phone powered up and we were met with a dull, lifeless display and drab menu structure. Worst still, glare from the fluorescent lights in our office was bright enough to make it very hard to read the screen. Sacre bleu!

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