Roccat Kulo (Stereo) review: Roccat Kulo (Stereo)

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The Good Reasonably comfortable.

The Bad Incredibly muffled sound quality, missing a large slab of the upper range. Need to be very careful about how the set sits on your head to prevent it coming off.

The Bottom Line We can't recommend the Kulo. Even at AU$69.99, the sound quality just isn't good enough to justify the purchase.

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Roccat's Kulo is a set of headphones that falls into that slightly bizarre "on ear" genre. This means it can let plenty of noise in and a certain amount out if it's not sitting on your head properly.

Without actual cups around the earpieces the Kulo is a little too easy to wear incorrectly, with positioning highly important — get it wrong, and when you adjust the swing-down microphone the headphones will likely come rocketing off your head.

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