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CNET Editors' Rating

4.5 stars Outstanding
Pricing Unavailable

The Good Highly customisable. Comfortable. TCU may give you a slight edge.

The Bad Right handers only. Electronics on the customisable weights is a waste. Advanced macro editor broken.

The Bottom Line The Kone has earned itself a spot among our favourite gaming mice, Roccat proving it's got what it takes. Recommended.

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Roccat puts some serious thought into its brand, that much must be said. Whether it's a pamphlet explaining the discovery of a new element that glows blue (and presumably put in the mouse) or the included credit-card-sized member's card with a number that ends in 1337, the German company gets its audience. And when a company has a mantra of "do it your own way and don't talk shit", we're inclined to like them.

This is the original Kone, soon to be one-upped by the re-engineered Kone[+]. Primarily covered with the rubberised plastic that gaming mice vendors seem to love, the Kone is a right-handed mouse with all the familiar trappings: on-the-fly DPI switching (up to an insane 3200dpi), customisable buttons, some flashy lights and the latest trend of installing profiles on the mouse. The Kone will store five profiles, although most macros appear to be too large to store on the mouse, so you won't be able to take those with you.

Roccat Kone GUI

Attractive, tight and functional, Roccat's software is the real deal. (Screenshot by CBS Interactive)

Opting for a thick rubber, Kone avoids the braided cable trend. The braided cable does give a perception of quality, but we found that the Kone's cable choice had no impact on our gameplay.

While Microsoft remains the only company that's cracked thumb button placement, the mouse is comfortable enough, although the DPI switchers are awkward to hit.

The scroll wheel is four-way and satisfying to use, while the button above it is set to the Windows key by default. Being a gaming mouse it can of course be changed to anything — including media controls or a macro.

Roccat Kone GUI

Customisation is one of the pillars of gaming mice. Roccat does reasonably well. (Screenshot by CBS Interactive)

The macro editor is reasonably fleshed out, allowing recording of key presses, and after the fact insertion of delays and mouse events (excluding movement). While delays can be edited, individual key entries can't be — you'll have to delete the entry and re-record for a single key press.

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