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CNET Editors' Rating

4.5 stars Outstanding
Pricing Unavailable

The Good Two different surfaces, one for speed, one for control. Wrist rest that you can place anywhere. Huge size. Aluminium core keeps things rigid.

The Bad Some may find it hard to justify the cost.

The Bottom Line The Roccat Alumic is entirely worth our money, and is one of the better mouse mats available.

CNET Editors' Choice Mar '11

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Like Razer's Vespula , Roccat's Alumic mouse mat is double-sided and features a gel-filled wrist rest. One side is coarser (apparently for speed), the other smoother (for control). This bore out even in Windows, with our reference G5 making greater strides on the coarse side, while offering more precision on the smooth.

While the coarser side is a serious grey with a large outline of the Roccat logo coming from the right, flip it over and you get a centred logo glowing in metallic blue and silver that's quite hypnotic when under a light source.

It's also large, something we're very much in favour of. At 331x272mm, there's little chance of your mouse hitting the borders. It's incredibly rigid, too, with an anodised aluminium core.

Unlike the Vespula, the wrist rest is free-moving, allowing you to put it at the base, on the side or even on the mat itself if you desire. The tacky bottom surface ensures it won't move anywhere, regardless of what you put it on.

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