Razer Ironclad review: Razer Ironclad

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Razer Ironclad

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3.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Large size. Surface allows precise control.

The Bad Loud, higher pitched noise than normal mousing surfaces. Expensive.

The Bottom Line The Ironclad is a trophy piece for the gamer who likes being admired. The performance is certainly there, but when you consider the noise and the fact that the mat costs almost as much as the mouse on it, the Ironclad isn't a compelling buy.

7.0 Overall

Premium gaming kit often walks the line between pointlessly expensive and worth the cost. The justification is supposedly that every tiny bit of accuracy afforded to you is a leg-up in the competitive stakes.

Sadly, most of these advantages are all but imperceptible and, in most cases, a hefty dose of placebo.

Razer's Ironclad is part of this premium club, and the accompanying image of its supremely expensive Mamba mouse on the box isn't by error — both come in packaging so extreme that you can't help but think how much it adds to the cost.

While the Mamba arrives in a Perspex trophy box, the Ironclad has its own plastic case with a foam interior that smells faintly of glue. There's a small part inside of us that thinks that luxury equates with the understated, like Thermalright's thick, plain cardboard boxes that allow the product to speak for itself — rather than through the packaging.

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