Razer BlackWidow Ultimate review: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Typical Price: $199.00

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

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4.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Mechanical key-presses are a satisfaction unto themselves. Backlit. USB and headphone/mic pass-throughs give ease-of-access to ports. Flexible macro and customisation system. Heavier than many laptops.

The Bad Clack clack clack ... don't expect this to be quiet .... Or cheap.

The Bottom Line It's a steep price to pay (though savvy users will be able to get it for AU$50 cheaper than the RRP), and the noise makes it unsuitable for communal areas, but for those who want one of the best keyboard responses around, the BlackWidow Ultimate should be very high on the list.

9.0 Overall
CNET Editors' Choice May '11

This is not a keyboard for the office.

Clacking loudly with every press, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is a battle tank of a mechanical keyboard, the type of which gamers love to love.

It's easy to see why, with response being light and quick, the tactile click of every keypress infinitely more satisfying than the dull thunk of rubber membrane keyboards that have taken over the world. It could potentially also be heavier than a black hole. Just make sure any typing is done in the privacy of your own room, lest someone think that you've resurrected a type writer.

Dressed in serious matte black for the keys, it spoils the effect by going for gloss black everywhere else, attracting fingerprints the moment it's taken out of the box.

There's a USB port, along with a headphone and microphone jack on the right-hand side. Each acts as a pass through, should you choose to connect their respective cables into your PC in addition to the requisite single USB connector.

This is one of the few desktop keyboards with the Fn key, giving the F keys dual functions from volume and media control to controlling the backlight (with three levels of brightness and an annoying "breathing" fade-in and -out effect) to a hibernation key to offering a "Gaming" mode that disables the Windows keys.

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