Pioneer BDP-160 Blu-ray Player review: Pioneer BDP-160 Blu-ray player

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CNET Editors' Rating

3.5 stars Very good
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The Good Very good value for money. Solid picture quality. WiFi built in. Very good network media streaming.

The Bad No tag data shown with FLAC. Locked up with incompatible audio file.

The Bottom Line The Pioneer BDP-160 is a low cost, high performance player with excellent network media streaming support and convenient WiFi connectivity.

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Pioneer has an unusual distinction in the field of Blu-ray: it was one of the half dozen or so companies that actually engineered its own players from the ground up. The newest versions of the consequent high-end range are not quite here yet. But Pioneer has always pushed the boundary at the other end — it was the first, for example, to release a DVD player in Australia for less than AU$1000. Remember those days?

A lot of time has passed, and the BDP-160 is what Pioneer now considers to be an entry-level player, selling for just one fifth the cost of that DVD player. Yet it has all the essentials, plus a few useful extras, such as built-in Wi-Fi.

The first time Wizard was useful, but not quite useful enough since it entirely skipped network setup. I was planning on using the Wi-Fi connection, so I hadn't plugged in an Ethernet cable. Then I forgot all about it. After completing the Wizard I went to the network functions, and it took me a moment to realise why they weren't working. Of course, the player should have told me that they weren't available, there being no network set up.

In the end, making the Wi-Fi connection was easy thanks to support for WPS key-press connection.

Playing Discs

The unit offers the usual upscaling to 1080p, but not 4K, and of course fully supports Blu-ray 3D. There doesn't actually seem to be much point to 4K upscaling since it seems to inviting trouble — you may need to upgrade your HDMI cabling if you're going to ask it to carry four times the amount of data — rather than doing anything useful. Ultra high definition displays are of course perfectly capable of upscaling incoming video themselves.

Discs loaded quickly and reliably, DVDs and Blu-rays both. Oh, and Super Audio CDs, which was bit of a surprise.

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