Philips GoGear Mix (4GB) review: Philips GoGear Mix (4GB)

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Typical Price: $79.95

Philips GoGear Mix (4GB)

(Part #: CNETPhilips GoGear Mix (4GB))
4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Simple to use. Tiny LCD for menu navigation. Great bundled headphones.

The Bad Boring design. Side position of headphone socket.

The Bottom Line The GoGear Mix is exactly what people are looking for in an MP3 player. It's simple to load with music, simple to operate and a pleasure to listen to.

8.5 Overall

If you're in the market for an MP3 player this Christmas and you've read our less-than favourable reviews of the other players in the Philips family (the Vibe, Aria and Opus) you're probably thinking there's no point resisting the Apple MP3 machine, but hold up! The Mix is the baby of the GoGear clan and it is easily the best.


We'll keep this section brief, in truth the Mix isn't a pretty player. Our review unit is white in colour with a silver trim, but the Mix also comes in hot pink and black. This minute player is about the size of an old-style stick of chewing gum, and its plastic build looks cheap but feels solid. On the face of the Mix you'll find a tiny, colour LCD screen for menu navigation only. This screen has super-low resolution but it sure beats the iPod Shuffle's complete lack of visual feedback.

Charging and music transfers take place thanks to a slide-out USB connector at the base of the Mix, which is an excellent idea and saves you stuffing yet another USB cable in your desk drawer. This connector is unlike USB connections you'll be used to, it's more like half a connector without the protective metal casing. With the connection extended we were a little worried as to the strength of it, and though we had no troubles during our tests we wouldn't be surprised if less-cautious people snapped this section off.

Features and performance

The Mix is like its more expensive brethren minus the video playback functionality. It plays MP3, WMA and WAV audio files and can hold about 1000 tracks on its 4GB of internal storage (depending on the lengths of tracks and how they are encoded). It also features an FM radio tuner and a built-in voice recorder, both handy features for the rare occasions you may have to use them.

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