Optus E1762 USB Modem review: Optus E1762 USB Modem

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CNET Editors' Rating

3 stars Good
Pricing Unavailable

The Good Fuss-free set-up. microSD memory card slot.

The Bad Huge fluctuations in service depending on location and time of day.

The Bottom Line The hardware performs its part of the equation just fine, but if you're considering Optus' wireless broadband make sure you take advantage of its seven-day trial period.

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Design and features

OK, you know the drill. If you've read through our round-up of the best USB HSDPA wireless broadband modems then you'll have noticed a pattern. At this time your options when choosing a wireless broadband service are limited to buying a USB modem or a USB modem, and the Optus E1762 is no different. It's no bigger or smaller, no wider or slimmer, and like the modems we've reviewed from 3 Mobile and Vodafone, the E1762 features a microSD card slot that turns this modem into a mass storage device as well, though no memory is included.

The software needed to connect to the Optus network is built-in to the modem and with auto-execute when you plug the modem in for the first time. Our experience with this set-up was flawless; the three systems we tested the software on, it unpacked and installed with almost no interaction from us — no tricky questions to answer and no annoying registration. Though again, this is standard with all the services we've tested in the last six to 12 months.


What will define this product is the service, and this is where things get murky. The E1762 is HSDPA capable with a theoretical maximum of 7.2Mbps downlink speeds and 2Mbps uplink. We tested the Optus service using the E1762 and a Panorama data card antenna (sold separately for about AU$50) in three locations around Sydney including the CBD and north of the Harbour Bridge.

The Panorama antenna, while flimsy-looking, did improve the strength of the signal in the test location with the weakest signal, bringing it up from 2G signal only to an HSDPA signal at about 50 per cent strength. When attaching the antenna at the location with the best signal it did nothing at all, we still experienced fluctuations in speed and it couldn't help to elevate the results above the 2Mbps range.

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