Nokia WH-500 hands-free headset review: Nokia WH-500 hands-free headset

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The Good Lightweight. Comfortable design. Good accessories in box. Good sound for hands-free headset.

The Bad ....but not so great compared to good quality headphones. A bit pricey for what you get.

The Bottom Line Nokia's WH-500 is a decent, if expensive, hands-free headset, but we wouldn't recommend them to someone looking for a set of good sounding headphones.

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Looking at the Nokia WH-500 on-ear headphones reminds us of the identically-dressed working class in any dystopic sci-fi movie. The headphone's matte black plastic headstrap and pleather-cushioned ear-cups make the WH-500 indistinguishable from so many other on-ear headphone options from the various brands that dabble in audio products.

Running down from under the speakers are two cables which meet at a "pod" which houses the hands-free speakerphone mic and audio controls. The pod features six buttons in all: a volume rocker, play/pause and track selection keys and a call key. This in turn runs down to a standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the end of the cable. The cable is 1.3-metres in length.

The WH-500s are a lightweight pair of cans, though this gives them a cheaper feel compared to others he have in the office. We found the headband didn't grip to our head as well as we'd have liked, though the swiveling ear-cup design did help the WH-500s sit on our ears reasonably comfortably.

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