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3 stars Good
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The Good Fun, cheeky design. Hands-free calling. Solid build.

The Bad Murky, muffled sounding. Music controls for Windows Phones only.

The Bottom Line We love the look and feel of the Purity HD headphones, but they need to sound much clearer, and less murky, to live up to their lofty title.

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Bold is the word that comes to mind when first when looking at the Purity HD review unit on our desk. Ours is the candy pink coloured model, and though this has drawn many cat calls from the peanut gallery here in the CNET Australia offices, it is an undeniably eye-catching unit. The plastic headband is glossy and slick-looking, with soft-padding along the inside edge.

The ear cups are generous in size and padding, too, and are extremely comfortable to wear. Like the BH-905s though, we did find these headphones can start to feel a bit too tight after long sessions of wearing them. But perhaps this is just because of our enormous heads, and not a fault of the design.

Not to be confused with Nokia's BH series headphones, these do not connect over Bluetooth. Below the left ear cup you'll find a standard 3.5mm socket, and in the box are two cables: one with music controls and one without. Both cables are flat and thick, like fettuccine, making them tangle-free.

The reason Nokia includes two cables with the headphones is because the music controls on the cable only work with Windows Phone devices. This switchbox houses three buttons; up and down volume, and a central key for playing and pausing, which also doubles as the button you use to answer phone calls. Curiously, the hands-free calling feature will work with any phone, it is just the music playback controls that are limited.

The sales kit certainly helps give these headphones a premium feel. Along with the headphones and cables, you get a solid protective case for the unit.

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