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The Good Large, well-spaced keypad. Decent feature set. User friendly interface. Compact and lightweight.

The Bad No camera. No external screen. Weak speaker sound. External antenna.

The Bottom Line With the 6060, Nokia has gone for business chic on the cheap. At AU$249, it's an affordable low-end handset aimed at the corporate user with applications including an expense manager, calendar and to-do list.

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Clad in business-black with a shiny chrome edge, the 6060 strives for a sophisticated look. The colouring, along with the strong lines and almost-square shape give the clamshell a somewhat masculine persona, though its small, lightweight form should feel at comfortable in anyone's hand. Despite encompassing all the design elements for a swish, professional handset, the plastic casing looks decidedly as cheap as its price. Utilising the layout typical of most mobiles, a navigation-pad sits above the keypad, in between the "Answer" and "End" buttons. The keypad is well-spaced and the keys a generous size, making this phone perfect for messaging.

A red LED strobe light tries to make up for no external display. Click here for more images

The stubby antenna and lack of an external screen also soured our opinion somewhat, though Nokia has tried to substitute for the missing exterior display. A thin red strip runs horizontally across the front of the phone, which at first glance looks purely decorative. Upon closer inspection, it is infact an LED which emits a strobe effect whenever a call or message is received. It also flashes intermittently as a reminder of any missed calls. Though not as convenient as being able to see who is calling, this unique feature is a better alternative than nothing at all.

The internal (only) screen features a 128 x 160, 65,536 colour display. This is fairly low-quality compared to most newer handsets but it is in keeping with the "cheap 'n chic" theme. Speaking of themes, there is a decent range of themes and wallpapers to customise the phone to your personal style. You can also attach pictures and photos to entries in the 500-name capable phone book. Which brings us to what is probably the biggest omission of the 6060 -- no built-in camera. It struck us as a little odd that Nokia offers photo support but you need to transfer the images to the phone yourself. While most current mobile phones offer at least a VGA resolution camera -- many with 1.3-megapixel and some with 2-megapixel -- we didn't find ourselves missing out on many snapshot opportunities around the office or on our daily commute. Also missing (from the box, not the unit) is a USB cable which you'll need if you want to make use of the MP3/MIDI ringtone option. By this stage we're starting to wonder if Nokia actually wants us to take advantage of the phone's capabilities!

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