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The Good Large, well-spaced keypad. Decent feature set. User friendly interface. Compact and lightweight.

The Bad No camera. No external screen. Weak speaker sound. External antenna.

The Bottom Line With the 6060, Nokia has gone for business chic on the cheap. At AU$249, it's an affordable low-end handset aimed at the corporate user with applications including an expense manager, calendar and to-do list.

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Clad in business-black with a shiny chrome edge, the 6060 strives for a sophisticated look. The colouring, along with the strong lines and almost-square shape give the clamshell a somewhat masculine persona, though its small, lightweight form should feel at comfortable in anyone's hand. Despite encompassing all the design elements for a swish, professional handset, the plastic casing looks decidedly as cheap as its price. Utilising the layout typical of most mobiles, a navigation-pad sits above the keypad, in between the "Answer" and "End" buttons. The keypad is well-spaced and the keys a generous size, making this phone perfect for messaging.

A red LED strobe light tries to make up for no external display. Click here for more images

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