Netgear SPH101 Wi-Fi Skype Phone review: Netgear SPH101 Wi-Fi Skype Phone

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The Good Easy Wi-Fi set-up. No need for a connected PC. Good audio quality.

The Bad Much more expensive than a set of headphones. Bland visual design. Battery life could be better.

The Bottom Line If you're hopeless Skypeaholic with a home Wi-fi router, the SPH101 is your dream product. If you're a budget minded VoIP fanatic, maybe not.

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Netgear's SPH101 Wi-Fi Skype Phone looks just like ... well, it looks just like a phone, to be honest. Rather similar to many of Sony Ericsson's cheaper phone lines -- if you took the W200i and dunked it in a tin of iPod paint, you'd end up with something not dissimilar to the SPH101, in fact. It's a rather plain and (subjectively speaking) ugly design, but there's no mistaking that this is a phone, and not in fact some kind of tool for removing stones from horses' hooves, for instance.

So it's a phone - we've got that far. Specifically, the SPH101 is a Skype phone . They're not particularly rare, given Skype's dominance of the VoIP market internationally. What makes the SPH101 stand out is that it's a Wi-Fi connected Skype phone that requires no PC connection whatsoever for making and taking Skype calls.

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