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Typical Price: $229.00

Navman MY450LMT

(Part #: CNETNavman MY450LMT)
4.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Real-world landmark direction works superbly. Lots of map updates.

The Bad Ordinary physical design. Updates are still PC based.

The Bottom Line The MY450LMT's rapid map updates are a little gimmicky, but the rest of the package makes for a superb GPS.

9.0 Overall

Navman's MY450LMT is the current premium "hero" product of the Navman range, but you might not automatically pick that from simply looking at it.

The design is relatively plain and broadly similar to any other Navman unit, with a 5-inch LCD touchscreen packed into a unit that measures 142x86x14mm and slots into the same simple GPS screen mount that Navman offers with all its navigation devices.

It's functional, but that's about all we can say for it; compared to the sleek lines of GPS units from companies such as Garmin, the MY450LMT just doesn't look that "special".

That being said, your mother always told you it's what's underneath that counts, and here, Navman has a few premium pitches to make the plain-looking MY450LMT a much more appealing prospect.

One of the big new features that Navman offers with the MY450LMT is lifetime map updates, which pretty much everyone offers on GPS devices these days. The hook here is that the MY450LMT can get "Rapid Map Refresh", which is Navman's way of saying that instead of quarterly updates, you can update it with monthly map updates.

It does work, although you can only update by hooking up to a PC or Mac, which means pulling it out of the car when you want to update your maps. We do wonder how many people would need that level of update, although it's clearly not a bad thing to have. There are other correction facilities, such as TomTom's MapShare, that allow for user-level modification that we feel are even more powerful.

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