Moshi Mythro Stylish Personal Earbuds review:

Quality earphones at an affordable price

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MSRP: $30.00

Moshi Mythro (Burgundy Red)

(Part #: 99MO035322) Released: 23 Mar 2013
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4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good The affordably priced Moshi Mythro in-ear headphones are lightweight and fit comfortably. They sound good for the money and have an integrated microphone and one-button remote for making cell phone calls.

The Bad No carrying case included; no volume controls on integrated remote.

The Bottom Line The well-designed Moshi Mythro earbuds feature quality sound at an affordable price.

8.0 Overall
  • Design 8.0
  • Features 7.0
  • Sound 7.0
  • Value 9.0

Moshi is probably better known for its stylish iPhone and iPad cases, but it also makes several different models of earphones with intriguing designs -- and names.

The in-ear model reviewed here, the Mythro, is named in honor of mithril, the fictional metal found in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. Silvery in appearance, mithril is stronger than steel but considerably lighter. It's not surprising then that Moshi's Mythro Stylish Personal Earbuds are nice and lightweight. They're also comfortable, and feature excellent sound for the money, as well as an integrated microphone, making them a bargain at their price of $30.

Design and features
The Mythro earbuds come in a variety of colors, all of which have a two-tone design highlighted by anodized aluminum casing (aluminum may not be mithril, but at least there's a bit of metal in the case).

The shape and size of the bud portion of the earbuds are just right -- not too big and not too small. That helps with the fit, and the Mythros come with three different sizes of eartips, one of which should fit your ear canal and enable you to get a tight seal.

The Moshi Mythros come in a variety of colors. Sarah Tew/CNET

As I say in all my reviews of in-ear headphones, that tight seal is crucial to the performance of the earphones. If you can't get a tight seal, you lose a lot of bass and the sound will be thin.

I liked how the Mythros fit in my ears and I also appreciate that Moshi color-coded the eartips (one has some red on the inside), which allows you to easily distinguish right from left without having to look for a tiny letter on the bud. All earphone manufacturers should take this color-coded approach.

The cord terminates in a straight plug. L-shaped plugs tend to be sturdier, and I can't say these earbuds appear incredibly rugged, but I used them for a couple of weeks without a problem. However, it is worth noting that they don't come with any sort of protective carrying case. To prolong their life, I'd suggest finding something to stow them in when you're not using them.

The right eartip has a red interior to distinguish it from the left. Sarah Tew/CNET

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