Millennius Memmoir Gold review: Millennius Memmoir Gold

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Typical Price: $339.00

Millennius Memmoir Gold

(Part #: CNETMillennius Memmoir Gold)
3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Decent video image. Mostly solid build quality. Extremely affordable.

The Bad Autofocus is problematic. Zooming is clunky and inaccurate. Still images are abysmal. No external audio input.

The Bottom Line The Memmoir Gold will suit someone with very basic video capture needs only. Problems with autofocus and zoom as well as the lack of an external microphone input are obstacles for anyone with serious video recording in mind.

6.0 Overall


The good news is that the Memmoir looks like a camcorder. There may not be any inspired design flare in play here, but the construction feels solid. The hinge on the flip-out display has a nice, smooth action and the touchscreen is responsive for its limited purpose. For AU$339 you won't be surprised to find that some of the slicker touches of more expensive cams are missing; the lens cover is a manual cap attached by a thin, black lanyard and the battery cover feels a bit shaky, but it should do the trick if you're careful with it when extracting the battery for charging.

All of the camera's controls are located on the back of the unit or under the side door of the touchscreen. Aside from the obligatory power button, zoom rocker and record key, the Memmoir also features a dedicated still photos shutter button, a mode switch and a five-way settings adjustment knob. One feature common to all of these buttons and switches is that they all sit loosely in their grooves, each button rattles gently when touched, which again is probably to be expected with a product at this price.

Under the lens cap you'll find the 12x optical zoom lens and an LED photo light and flash. Above the lens you'll find a stereo microphone, though there is no input for an external mic, and on the base is an attachment for a tripod shoe adapter. The Memmoir takes SD and SDHC memory cards up to Class 16 16GB cards. For connections to PC, the Memmoir has a mini-USB port with software for Windows Vista or 7 only.

Big shot

Millennius makes some fairly lofty claims with the Memmoir Gold; the box the camera ships in is literally covered in numbers claiming one thing or another. There are the key promises of 1080p resolution video at 30 frames per second and 20-megapixel stills taken on a 10-megapixel CMOS sensor (meaning the camera is capable of doubling the image resolution using a software algorithm). The Memmoir features a limited range of manual controls, including a dodgy manual focus using the zoom rocker.

This is a lot of camera for the AU$339 asking price, especially when you include the 8GB SDHC card, which comes in the box. Switching between the shooting modes is simple and intuitive, and the touchscreen viewfinder offers quick access to a range of basic options: image quality and resolution, a few white balance presets, etc. The Memmoir shoots in one of six resolutions, including a range of 720p options, and you can choose from five still photo sizes as well.

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