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1 stars Terrible
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The Good Decent scripted dialogue. Passable soundtrack.

The Bad Boring gameplay. Drab, ugly graphics. Short campaign.

The Bottom Line If we were Solid Snake we'd sneak out of this game and go back onto the PS3. This game is sure to make fans of the series weep or fill them with murderous rage.

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We can understand the logic behind making a Metal Gear Solid game for mobile devices — cashing in on the the success of MGS4 on the PS3 by developing watered-down versions of the game on portable platforms like Nokia's N-Gage makes perfect sense. The trouble is that this is a business logic at work that has nothing to do with making good games for this extremely limited platform.

In the game you play the ever-sneaking Solid Snake infiltrating a secret scientific military complex to, ummm, save someone good and stop someone bad ... actually we don't remember why Snake is there, which itself is a testament to the pedestrian nature of the story. The in-game dialogue sequences between Snake and the cast of various good guys and bad guys are well written for the most part, with the characters conversations alternating between that "tough military guy" video game-speak we know all too well, and the characters making fun of the boring army-speak.

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