Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android review: Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android

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2.5 stars OK
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The Good Neatly designed package. Decent key spacing.

The Bad Heavy. Pricey. Keys should be customisable.

The Bottom Line Logitech is asking for a premium, but it's offering only the basics in return. The keyboard works well, but there is no real reason to choose this model over a cheaper Bluetooth keyboard.

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Upon opening the packaging for the Logitech Tablet Keyboard, you are presented with quite a neat little unit within; sort of like an enormous cheque book, if you remember what one looks like. The keyboard itself is protected by a rigid plastic case, which unfolds to form a stand for your tablet when you're working. The two parts are not connected, so you can place the keyboard and stand separately at your workspace.

Although it's attractively designed, both keyboard and stand are made from rather cheap-feeling plastic. This doesn't bother us so much with the case/stand, but with the keyboard, we wish it didn't have quite so much flex to it. We gave the keyboard a gentle bend, and this produced an alarming crack. Although there was no visible damage thereafter, we do wonder what other everyday circumstances might vex the build of this device.

The keyboard and case combination is also quite heavy, weighing in at 725 grams or about the same as the weight of a tablet again.

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