Logitech Alto Cordless review: Logitech Alto Cordless

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4 stars Excellent
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The Good Sturdy. Wireless keyboard.

The Bad High price. No form of mouse navigation.

The Bottom Line If you need a notebook stand to make your life that little more ergonomic, Logitech's Alto Cordless is certainly the Rolls Royce. Just expect to pay the same sort of premium as well.

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Taking on board comments from the initial version of the Alto notebook stand, Logitech has separated the keyboard and made it wireless.

The Alto Cordless is a rugged stand that will take even the largest desktop replacements with ease. The rubberised grip at the bottom ensures that things won't move, while the flip out stand is strong enough to take most weight. The stand itself is connected by a single USB cable (behind which is some handy cable management loops), and then requires mains power for operation of the wireless keyboard, itself powered by a pair of AAA batteries.

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