Just Mobile Lazy Couch - notebook stand review: Just Mobile Lazy Couch - notebook stand

Many laptop accessories, including the recent Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat , are functional but made almost entirely of plastic, so the look and feel may not match up well with a highly designed laptop that costs $1,000 or more. There's a good reason I found the Lazy Couch at the MOMA Store. The combination of aluminum and matte black rubber looks sharp and matches up aesthetically with any laptop, and when the two halves are locked together it looks like a funky abstract desk toy.

My biggest problem with the Just Mobile Lazy Couch is that the feet, when snapped together, create a bulky shape, about 1.4 inches thick, and can be tough to fit into slim laptop bags or cases. This defeats the purpose of a highly portable laptop stand, especially as many cases for ultrabooks or ultraportable laptops are deliberately snug. It's a borderline fit for the tight front pocket of my current personal laptop bag, a Jack Spade leather messenger bag that easily fits a 13-inch MacBook Air .

The Just Mobile Lazy Couch, if you can look past the grating name, is a clever laptop accessory that succeeds in both form and function, without being too expensive to be an impulse buy or stocking stuffer.

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