JBL ES250PW wireless subwoofer

/ Updated: 21 October 2010, 11:15 pm AEDT
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In a home cinema system, you'll get the best sound if you put your subwoofer next to the couch. But what does this usually mean? Cables strewn across the lounge room. American speaker manufacturer JBL has found an answer to this — make the sub wireless!

We've seen wireless subs before on Samsung home cinema kits, but this is the first time we've seen one from a hi-fi manufacturer.

The subwoofer includes a built-in 2.4GHz receiver, which allows you to transmit an audio signal up to 22 metres away. It comes with four different channels to best avoid interference from PCs or microwave ovens. The sub comes with a small transmitter that takes the LF output of your receiver. If you don't want to use wireless, it can be wired like a conventional subwoofer as it has RCA inputs for L/R channels and LFE effects. The subwoofer comes with a series of controls including crossover frequency and phase.

The sub itself features a ported design with a 12-inch PolyPlas-cone, and is driven by a 400W RMS amplifier. It's designed to complement the JBL ES series but could no doubt prop up the low end of any home cinema system.

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JBL ES250PW wireless subwoofer

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