Hyundai i40 wagon (2010)

/ Updated: 5 April 2011, 11:04 am AEST
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The i40 wagon is set to land in Hyundai's Australian showrooms in Q4 and will complement the very handsome i45 sedan.

In brief

While the i45 was designed with the heart of middle America in mind, and the Camry and Accord sedans in its sights, the marginally smaller i40 has been crafted in Europe where large car buyers demand greater levels of luxury and sophistication.

Hyundai Australia promises that when the i40 arrives here it will come with new technology that's yet to grace either a local Hyundai vehicle or any of its competitors. A quick glance at the i40's European website gives a few clues to what some of these features may be.

There the i40 can be had with an automated reverse parking system, lane keeping assistance, xenon headlights that swivel to help see around corners and a nav system with voice recognition. Other more commonplace features include a powered tail-gate, heated and ventilated seats, direct iPod connectivity, climate control and Bluetooth hands-free.

No word yet on pricing or engine specifications, but Euro-bound i40s can be optioned with either a six-speed automatic or manual transmission. The petrol engine range includes a 130kW/213Nm 2-litre direction injection unit, while the headline diesel motor displaces 1.7 litres, and generates 100kW of power and 325Nm of torque.

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