Hitachi XL2000 2TB Hard Drive review: Hitachi XL2000 2TB Hard Drive

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Typical Price: $250.00

Hitachi XL2000 2TB Hard Drive

(Part #: CNETHitachi XL2000 2TB Hard Drive)
3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Sturdy casing. Backup software included. Vertical stand.

The Bad USB 2.0 only. Noisy operation. Slow transfer speeds.

The Bottom Line Hitachi's latest hard drive will store a lot of your data, but don't plan on getting to it all that fast.

6.7 Overall


External hard drives aren't normally the most visually stunning of creatures, although there are some exceptions.

The XL2000 isn't one of those exceptions.

It's a stark black plastic enclosure with a lined series of gaps along the sides that serve dual-duty as air vents, and allows the drive to be vertically mounted with the supplied stand. A Hitachi logo lights up on the front when it's powered up, and also serves as an ad-hoc activity monitor, but otherwise this is about as plain looking as an external drive could possibly be.


Hitachi sells the XL2000 in two capacities in the Australian marketplace. We tested the 2TB version, which carries an RRP of AU$249, while the smaller capacity 1TB version will set you back AU$129. From a price per GB standpoint, they're not bargains or pretending to be made of spun gold either, and naturally we'd suggest you shop around as external hard drive bargains pop up on a regular basis.

Whichever model of the XL2000 you opt for, you'll be using solely a USB 2.0 interface. We're just starting to see the first USB 3.0 drives hit the market, but plenty of existing models with larger capacities offer FireWire or eSATA as an option. USB 2.0 benefits from ubiquity, but at the same time it's just not that fast for data transfers in most cases.

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