Hitachi G-Drive Slim (500GB) review: Hitachi G-Drive Slim (500GB)

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The Good Random 4K performance quite good. Very slim and light.

The Bad USB 2.0 interface limits performance.

The Bottom Line If you have limited physical storage space, the G-Drive slim will appeal greatly to you. Given the OS X focus, we'd imagine it'll be some time before we see this with a USB 3.0 interface — yet we await that day with baited breath.

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The Hitachi G-Drive Slim, it must be said, is incredibly attractive, and, as the name suggests, rather slim. At 7mm thick, the silver-powder finished drive will easily slip into any laptop bag or, alternatively, a purse.

It's aimed at MacBook Air owners, but the packaging that we received had very little on it to indicate this, including the fact that it's formatted with HFS. Windows users could thus be a little confused, as without a visit to Disk Management, the drive won't show up on their system.

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