GUNN Audio X-22 Sound Tower review: Gunn Audio X-22 Sound Tower

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Typical Price: $249.00

GUNN Audio X-22 Sound Tower

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2.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Solid high volume performance. Bang for buck.

The Bad Poor low to mid volume performance. Low quality cabinet.

The Bottom Line An unrefined product, but when turned up it fills a room at a great price.

5.5 Overall

Audiophiles, walk away. boombox lovers who just want high volume for low cash, keep reading.


Unpacking the 1-metre tall 18kg unit, you can quickly see you've picked up a budget system. The finish is a simple, unrefined black box that is pretty rough around the edges. The on-board screen is a basic affair, but it'll get the job done. This is a docking music box after all, so you can run most of your music straight from your iDevice.

The X-22 Sound Tower.(Credit: Gunn Audio)


The Gunn X-22 can dock any 30-pin iPad, iPod and iPhone, as well as offering auxiliary and RCA input, along with built-in FM radio. The X-22 runs a seven-speaker system inside the black box, one 8-inch sub, four 3.5-inch mid-range drivers and two tweeters. These are positioned to spread the audio and really fill a room.

The included IR remote is basic, but lets you run all the controls you need, including direct music navigation and control of your iDevice.

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