Gunn iWall Premier

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This 30-pin, free-standing iOS speaker dock updates its previous incarnation, with Bluetooth connectivity, some new colour options and a slightly increased price tag.

The Gunn PB-27 iWall Premier shares nearly all of the features of the J&L iWall IMS27 2.1 Channel Music Center, with the addition of Bluetooth connectivity. Our initial impressions are similar to our early review, with the iWall providing clear audio and a particular impressive bass.

The Bluetooth set-up was mostly quite intuitive, with the iWall pairing fairly easily with our HTC One X. The streaming audio was also respectably clear, with very little delay when using the iWall's remote to skip tracks or pause and play. The new colours that iWall is available in are Black Knight, White Widow or Fire Engine.

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Gunn Audio PB-27 iWall Premier

Part Number: CNETGunn Audio PB-27 iWall Premier

Typical Price: $349.00

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