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The Good Gigabyte has delivered simply astonishing performance in both games and productivity apps at this price point.

The Bad The use of so much plastic gives away the U24Ti5’s budget price, while the low resolution screen isn't as crisp as true HD displays.

The Bottom Line If you've only got a grand to spend, and need a machine as capable at Microsoft Excel as it is Call of Duty, this is the laptop for you.

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It's hard to believe Gigabyte is offering so much performance for so little cost.

Targeted at the sweet spot of $999, the U24Ti5 aims to deliver high-end features with a budget-friendly price. Gigabyte has gone about this rather cleverly, ensuring that the components responsible for the heavy lifting are well-specced, yet trimming the corners that barely impact on the user experience. The result is a laptop that might look relatively affordable, but that can outpace competitors costing significantly more.

Design and features

To be frank, this laptop is not going to win any awards for good looks. The case is built primarily from plastic, with a brushed aluminium surface at the rear of the screen. The ugliest feature has to be the speaker grill above the keyboard, a design trait that passed into extinction long ago. At 14-inches across the diagonal, the screen unfortunately relies on the lower resolution of 1366 x 768. It also pumps out a rather lifeless, monotone image, but a little display tweaking can help bring it to life. Pixelation isn't quite as obvious on this screen as the 15.6-inch 1366 x 768 displays used elsewhere, thanks to the slightly smaller size. As a plus, it's fully touch-enabled and, like most modern touchscreens, we found the accuracy to be exacting.

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