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3 stars Good
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The Good Touchscreen is responsive and accurate. Expandability is decent compared to Android or iOS tablets.

The Bad Netbook performance severely limits capability. Disappointing battery life. Screen is slightly blurry, viewing angles aren't great. WWAN is an aftermarket add on.

The Bottom Line The S1080 is hobbled by its netbook origins and low resolution. We have no doubt that someone will find a use for the low Windows-powered tablet — it is, after all, cheaper than its full-powered cousins. But with the onset of Windows 8 and ultra-low voltage Ivy Bridge processors, the S1080 isn't as compelling as it once could have been.

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If you're not patient enough to wait for Windows 8 and the ensuing tablet rush, there are a few options already on the market. One of those that caters to a budget audience is Gigabyte's S1080.

Despite the 1080 moniker, it sports a 1024x600 screen. This isn't a good start, as quite a few interfaces we've seen over the years require a vertical height of at least 768 pixels for all elements to fit on a screen.

It's no surprise that a netbook resolution should come into effect here; the S1080 is effectively a netbook, featuring an Atom N570 and 2GB RAM. Our particular review model came with a 64GB SSD, while a 320GB mechanical hard drive version is available if you require more space.

The screen isn't great: interface elements look slightly blurred and washed out, and vertical viewing angles are small. Thankfully, the capacitive screen was responsive and accurate when it came to touch.

One thing that works surprisingly well given the size, is a dot on the right-hand side of the screen. It's a trackpad, which, when pushed, acts as a left mouse button. On the left side are mechanical buttons, acting as left and right mouse buttons.

There are touch buttons on the left screen bezel, which bring out an on-screen keyboard, allow up/down navigation and supply a back button (and, surprisingly, it doesn't get in the way as you'd think either).

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